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Fan Things to Know

The best tower fans are going to cost a great deal more than pedestal fans that are mounted on a base. Some consumers will question whether these higher-end fans are really worth the price tag.

Actually yes, they are a great deal more stable and are more popular than pedestal models (as per the overall number of reviews we have found online). Pedestal models are top heavy vs. tower fans that are not as likely to fall over by someone who might bump into it.

Unlike pedestal fans, tower fans have smaller grates which are a great safety feature if you have small children.

  • More stable than pedestal models!
  • Pedestal ones are top heavy and can easily tip over.
  • Tower models are more stable than any other type of fan!
  • But can be pricier compared to other kinds of fans.
  • Tower fans are expensive but more reliable!

The thin and vertical designs allow such models to fit into small spots compared to pedestal fans. They always offer additional useful features like a remote control, electronic display, oscillation settings, sleep timer and air ionizer.

Airflow or noise level?

Which one is more important for you? There’s a trade-off between the two: The more powerful a fan is, the more noise it will produce.

Fan Facts – Improve your Air Flow

How they work

How they workThis is how they work – tower fans condense the air movement vertically. They are a lot like the circular, oscillator fans or the inexpensive box fans, just better! If you were standing in front of these fans, you would receive a strong blast of cold air because tower fans offer a more rapid air movement.

Air Flow

Air Flow is really importantDuring the summer months, the days are suffocating, hot and miserable. Tower fans are an excellent choice for circulating air in your home, and/or office as temperatures continue to rise. Stands fans not only cool down the air in your room, but the air flow is much better then what air conditioners can do. You need to make sure they have a good cooling performance.

Noise Level

Noise Level mattersThese fans are also so quiet you won’t even know they are there. That is a big, big difference from older fans that are super loud! Some models come in a very modern, sleek design that will compliment your room’s furniture and décor.


new types of designs availableThese fans are also designed to take up less room than older fans have in the past. They are usually floor models; they fit perfectly in small spaces, corners and other out of the way places. You should be looking for sturdy design.

Why spend the summer months miserable by sweating profusely?

don't end up sweaty and hotGet a tower fan to keep both you and your room comfortably cool.
If you would like to learn more about tower fans, please read on.




What Are The Benefits Of Using A Tower Fan?



extreme portabilityOne of the most popular features of the tower fan, when compared to other fans, is its portability. Most of them are quite lightweight for easy transport from one room to another. They offer long cords, allowing you to move the fan’s position for greater comfort on those sweltering summer days.

Energy Efficiency

energy efficient productsThese modern tower fans are very energy efficient; you will see the Energy Star Rating on the fan. The rating will assure you that you have a great fan that will not rock your utility bills. Also, the fans’ motors are permanently lubricated allowing you to run your fan continuously if you wish.

Noise Levels

Noise Level mattersAnother very popular feature with these fans is their silence level! They are extremely quiet, with the best tower fans offering a rating that is well below 60 decibels! Yes, you can have a conversation without shouting, even if you are standing directly in front of it! Watching television, or talking on your phone – all’s good because these fans are very, very quite!

Health Features

many various benefits healthBack to the higher end tower fans that have the air ionizer feature. This feature has proven to benefit those with respiratory issues. The Air Ionizers use high voltage to charge molecules in the air.
This, in turn, will attract pollutants to the filter.
Riding of allergens and pollutants will bring lots of relief to those who suffer from respiratory illnesses including asthma.

Air ionizers will also remove unpleasant odors in your room. This is a great feature for removing the smells from pet dander and cigarette/cigar smoke.


What To Look For in  2016?


enjoying cool air all year longYou will see the shelves loaded with fans in every shape and size imaginable with wide ranges in prices. If you plan on getting a stands fan, take into consideration the size of the room the fan will be in, how much space will it take up and how much you want to spend. Due to the wide range of designs, pick fans that will compliment your room as well. More on that later on in the review.

Before running out and purchasing a tower fan, there are a few things you need to consider.

The Size

the size of your productHow large is the space you will be cooling off?

Different models have varying levels of power which will dictate its circulation abilities. High powered models will circulate more air, needed in a larger space. So consider the dimensions of the room and the power level of the fan. Usually, the fan description will give you a proximity of the size of the room that a particular model will cool off.


style and design mattersLet’s face it; this one is important!

Tower fans are tall and are going to be seen. You want to choose a style and color that will work with the room’s décor. How your tower fan is going to work in your room? If it doesn’t work with your surroundings, it’s going to look like the elephant in the room and everyone’s eyes are going to be drawn to it.

The Materials

materials used in the processFind out what the tower fan is made of!

Fans that have large, plastic parts can crack or break. If you are planning on using your fan regularly, you should get fans that are made of metal or with really strong plastic parts to ensure a longer life. Look for solid construction and an excellent repair record.


remote controledDifferent models have different control designs!

If you find a model you are interested in, look at the controls. Are the controls easy to understand and operate? Does this tower fan come with a remote control? How sturdy and secure is that particular model? Even though tower fans are sturdier than pedestal models, you want to be sure that a particular model can stand up to your particular lifestyle. Do you have small children? Do you have racing pets?

The Noise Factor

Nothing worse than a noisy fan!

You might or might not be able to check out the sound level in the store, you can go online and read up on fan reviews and testimonials to see what others think about a model including the noise level. If the noise level is a major factor, this is the best way to get your questions answered.


oscillation and swingAlmost all models come with various speed levels of oscillation!

If changing the air flow is important to you, check out the description for each model. Go online and read up on what others are saying about various models. Also, keep in mind the higher the speed, the higher the noise level. There are some models where the oscillation direction can change. Most of the higher-end tower fans swing from left to right, and some models also oscillate up and down.

Again, consider the room and space you will be placing the fan in and decide what’s best for you.

levels of filtrationFiltration

If the fan offers an air filter, find out how it works!

Is it an actual air filter or does it use ionization?
Find out how often the filters need to be replaced or can they be washed and reused. Fans with a filtration system cost more. If you suffer from allergies or have respiratory issues, this might be a feature that’s good for you.


the weight factorPortability means weight should be considered!

If you plan on relocating the fan from room to room, weight should be considered. You are not going to enjoy lugging a really heavy fan from one room to another. If it will remain in just one room, then weight won’t be an issue.


safety and security of your relatives and kidsThe grates are the face screens that cover the fan!

If you have small children, look at the grates and see if fingers can slide inside the grate. If that’s the case, be sure the blade is composed of a soft material. Better yet, look at tower fans that come with a smaller grating that will prevent fingers sliding in. Find out if you can remove the grate to clean it.


energy ratings are importantCarbon footprints should be a concern!
If the environment is a concern to you, carbon footprints are also a concern. Find out how much energy the fan uses. Sleep timers or automatic shutoffs are great ways to reduce that carbon footprint. Having an automatic shut off or a sleep timer is perfect when it’s time to sleep.


Cheaper is not always better!
Know your price range and choose a fan that will not sink you financially. If the fan has features you want, then you might want to spend a little more. Never purchase a fan just because it’s cheap. You could be in for a rude awakening if you buy the cheapest thing in the store. You will probably be replacing it a lot sooner than a higher priced one. You want to be sure that whatever fan you purchase; it will live up to your needs.

The Warranty

check the warranty firstMake sure you understand the manufacturer’s warranty or the store’s return policy!

This is really important if you are planning on spending more money for a more expensive fan. You want to be sure that if the fan isn’t operating correctly, you have a warranty to get it fixed or replaced. Also how long does the warranty carry over too? Can the fan be replaced in a timely manner?

Brands Available on the Market


A comprehensive list of some of the best brands offering tower fans on the market:

  • Dyson
  • Lasso
  • Bionaire
  • Honeywell
  • Holmes
  • Seville
  • Hawaiian breeze
  • Ozeri
  • Living solutions
  • Crane
  • Chillout
  • Climatekeeper
  • Pelonis
  • Borg
  • Oceanaire
  • Vornado
  • Brookstone


Our Review


use this dyson in your room


In our review, we are going to give details on how we came to our conclusions for ranking these top products.

Various Benchmarks

We have used various benchmarks to determine what we believe are the best standing fans. We hope you will find this information helpful when making an informed decision on purchasing a tower fan.

Main Features

When looking at tower fans, we chose fans that offered a nice number of features that are worth taking a closer look at.

How many speeds does a fan offer?
How far does the fan oscillates/rotates and does it come with a warranty?

Other Features

We also took into consideration other features such as the sleep timer function which will guarantee a good night’s sleep.

Does the fan come with a remote control?
This feature makes it so much easier to adjust the speeds or turn the fan on or off without running back and forth from the fan.

air purifying systemMany of the high-quality models also come with a number of features such as sleep timers and air ionizers.
If you live in an area with high allergens or high levels of pollutants, the air ionizer is going to be a good choice for you. The tower fan will clean the air while cooling off your room. The sleep timer is great if you wish to fall asleep to the breeze but want to conserve energy.

Our Assessment Process

We have compared various models of tower fans, considered their size, noise levels and power of each fan.

Core Features

remote controledWhile fans with a full range of great features are favorable, it’s also important to select a fan that is powerful, easy to use and attractive in your selected room(s).

Air Flow

Air Flow is really importantThe core of a fan’s operation is the air flow level and how loud they are while in operation. The cubic feet per minute (CFM) of a fan measures the quantity of air a fan can conceivably move per minute.

Noise Level mattersIf noise is a concern, look for fans that offer a lower decibel (dB) rating. Some fans are exceptionally quiet on the low setting but can become extremely loud on high settings.


new types of designs availableLarger tower fans offer more power but may not fit everywhere. If placed in smaller spaces, the room could become uncomfortably cold. On the other hand, small fans might not have the power needed for larger rooms. Make sure it’s not too heavy if it will be moved to other rooms.


transparency when purchasing your fanFans are not going to last forever, though it would be nice if they did. We looked into the transparency of manufacturers regarding their customer support and which companies respond best to their customers.


The best tower fans offer support with email, phone and live chat. They offer downloadable manuals and have frequently asked questions on their company’s website.

customer support



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